Apple invests 45 million dollars in Corning to promote new glass production technology

Thanks to the cooperation with Corning, Apple will officially launch the iPhone 12 series with “super-ceramic panel” in 2020. The overall drop resistance of the panel is 4 times higher than that of the previous generation, so the drop resistance is also better. outstanding. Recently, Apple officially announced that it will continue to invest 45 million US dollars in Corning. The cooperation between the two will promote the research and development of innovative glass-related technologies.

Apple officially stated that in the past four years, Corning has received US$450 million from Apple’s US$5 billion manufacturing fund. Apple’s investment has helped to create more than 1,000 jobs in Corning’s US operations in Kentucky and other factories. In addition, this investment will also help promote the research and development of advanced glass technology. The super-ceramic panel used in the iPhone 12 is the result of this cooperation.

   It is worth mentioning that Corning has also made a lot of efforts in the field of environmental protection. As an Apple supplier, Corning needs to ensure carbon neutrality by 2030. Corning has deployed a variety of clean energy energy solutions, including solar panel systems at its Harrodsburg, Kentucky plant, to cover all of its Apple-related manufacturing operations in the United States.
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