Google Pixel 5a will be unveiled and released in August, or run Android 12

Google Pixel 5a has confirmed that it will be launched later this year, but the company has not disclosed the exact release time. However, on June 29th, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed in his Power On report that Google Pixel 5a will make its debut in August and will be on sale in the same month. In retrospect, this is exactly the same as the release time of Google Pixel 4a last year. But unlike Pixel 4a, Pixel 5a will only be sold in the US and Japanese markets.

   Although the official did not disclose the configuration information of this phone, previous reports revealed that this phone will be equipped with a 6.2-inch FHD+ OLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. The back may be equipped with two or three cameras, which will be the first of Pixel “a” series phones. The phone will most likely run Android 12 immediately. In addition, it is expected that this phone will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip, supplemented by 4GB/6GB RAM and up to 128GB of storage space. Connectivity features may include 5G, 4G LTE, dual-band WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, and USB Type-C ports for charging and data synchronization.

   As for the appearance, the recently leaked rendering shows that Google Pixel 5a 5G uses a hole-punched screen design with a hole in the upper left corner of the screen. The mobile phone uses a boxy design, and the rear camera area is a square module that can accommodate dual sensors and LED flash. The volume up and down buttons and the white power button are located on the right side of the phone. The phone supports rear fingerprint unlocking.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

It is reported that some parts of the iPhone 13 series have arrived or will be released in advance?

The launch date of the Apple iPhone 13 series may be earlier than the iPhone 12 series, because it is reported that some parts and components used by Apple to assemble the iPhone 13 have arrived. This is a message from a supply chain manufacturer, which is more reliable. It is reported that the parts that arrive early are passive components on the iPhone 13. For popular science, passive components mainly refer to resistance, inductance and capacitance components, which can work when there is a signal without adding power to the circuit.

   Although some parts of the iPhone 13 have arrived, this does not mean that the new opportunity will be listed in advance. From the current point of view, the production of iPhone 13 does not seem to be disturbed by the epidemic. It is expected that the phone will be released in September this year, and will be available at the end of September or early October.
   Earlier, there was news that the new iPhone is expected to be mass-produced at the end of August and early September as soon as possible, and the stock volume in the second half of the year will be between 85 million and 90 million. Foxconn neither confirmed nor denied the news. It is worth noting that there is also news that Luxshare Precision will win a new iPhone assembly order for the first time this year, including orders for iPhone 13 Pro, with a total of tens of millions. Moreover, the scale of orders received by Luxshare Precision will be enlarged year by year, and it is expected to surpass Pegatron in 2023 and become the second largest iPhone assembly plant.
According to previous information, the iPhone 13 series is expected to provide 4 models like the iPhone 12 series, namely the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The design will also have the shadow of the iPhone 12 series. , But the details will be changed, such as the new “little bangs” scheme.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

Samsung Z Fold3 renderings exposed, new S Pen design may be released in August

According to the practice of previous years, Samsung will launch a brand-new folding screen mobile phone in the second half of this year. According to recent media reports, the new folding screen phone is called Samsung Z Fold 3. It is the same as the Samsung Z Fold 2 released last year. It still uses an internal folding design. In addition to upgrading the internal hardware, the new generation of Samsung Z Fold 3 There are many new things to watch.

   It is worth noting that Samsung Z Fold 3 has built-in S Pen stylus for the first time, which also makes Z Fold series products closer to the Note series. In addition, the Samsung Z Fold 3’s imaging system design will also undergo some changes. The three-camera projection on the back is smaller and looks more refined.
   In terms of hardware performance, Samsung Z Fold 3 will most likely be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, with a larger memory combination to meet the needs of flagship users.

   Some media said that Samsung will release the new Z Flip 3 in addition to the Z Fold 3 in the second half of the year. The two phones will be unveiled in August this year at the earliest, and will be released at the end of August at the latest. If you are going to buy a new folding screen machine, you may wish to look forward to the new products Samsung brings us.
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There is news that Apple will not have iPhone 13 mini in the next batch?

The American giant seems to be preparing to reduce the size of its next-generation smartphones. In fact, a report by the research company TrendForce estimates that Apple should focus its growth on the sales of the three models of the iPhone 13s.

il n'y aura pas d'iphone 13 mini

Last September,Apple launched a new iPhone 12 series of smartphones in a virtual demonstration, including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. For this year’s Series 13, Apple seems to have other plans. In fact, the sales of mini models could not meet Cupertino’s expectations, so the official decided not to reproduce this “commercial failure”.
Production of iPhone 12 mini has been discontinued?TrendForce, a Chinese research company, estimates that the American giant has even stopped producing the current iPhone 12 mini, claiming that it reached its sales limit as early as the second quarter of this year. Therefore, Apple can focus on the display and sales of the three mobile phones from September 2021. However, this has not really moved in the direction of brand founder Steve Jobs, who said that the ideal size of a smartphone is 3.5 inches…We are quite far away now. Remember, the diagonal of the screen of the iPhone 12 mini is 5.4 inches. The size of iPhone SE 2020 is 4.7 inches.
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Samsung’s scroll-screen mobile phone design patent published, under-screen lens design may be released next year

As a leader in the mobile phone industry, Samsung has launched a variety of foldable smart phones, the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 are the latest models. Now, information shows that Samsung is expected to release its first rollable smartphone in 2022. The company’s display department demonstrated this sliding smartphone earlier this year. Shows that the device does not use a folding screen design, but still uses a pull-out screen.

   Samsung has prepared two names for this new device: Samsung Galaxy Z Slide and Samsung Z Roll. The company has also registered a number of patents for slider smartphones with scrollable screens. Now, Samsung Electronics has obtained a sliding patent similar to that shown during SID 2021, equipped with the latest features and advanced cameras.
   In November 2020, Samsung Electronics filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent titled “Rollable Electronic Equipment Including Gap Compensation Structure” was issued on June 17, 2021, and it has since been included in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) database to protect the patented technology worldwide. This 45-page document describes an advanced Galaxy smartphone with a rolling screen.

   At first glance, the device is just an ordinary smartphone. But it can be pulled out through the right side to extend the width. The display surface can be placed up to about 30%, if necessary, the user can also only expand a part of the display. This is a motorized process that uses multiple coil springs and a long plate spring. The flexible screen is guided by a rotating scroll wheel, when the screen is fully expanded, it will automatically block.
   It is worth noting that the document also mentions the under-screen camera. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is expected to be released in August, and it is likely to be the first foldable smartphone with a camera under the screen. In addition, Samsung’s rollable smartphone patent shows that the front camera of the machine will also be placed under the flexible screen, and the light sensor and proximity sensor are also located under the screen, in the upper left corner. The device is also equipped with an in-display fingerprint sensor

  The back of the phone uses a vertical camera design, with three rear cameras and the flash at the bottom. A heart rate sensor is included next to the flash. There are no buttons on the side of the phone, and the bottom is equipped with a USB-C port, a dual speaker and a microphone. When the device is pulled out, an additional speaker will unfold at the bottom.
   At present, it is not clear when Samsung will launch its first curled screen phone. It is reported that it will be in the first half of 2022. Prior to this, Samsung will first show two other folding screen phones-Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. They are expected to be launched in August this year.
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Samsung is currently developing Android 12 for the Galaxy S21 series

A new report from Max Weinbach says that Samsung has started developing Android 12 for the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones. Android 12 is expected to be launched in September, but for this, manufacturers need to work hard to optimize the code for deployment on its current and future smartphone series. This is the case with Samsung’s Galaxy 21 series.

Le Samsung Galaxy S21 profitera d'Android 12

During the Google I/O conference, the American giant was able to launch its beta version of Android 12 for developers. Of course, like many other manufacturers, Samsung has mastered the source code to develop and optimize its software coverage for mobile phones currently on sale and future devices. The Korean giant is obviously not the only company working on Android, because brands such as Oppo, Xiaomi, realme, Vivo, TCL, Asus and even ZTE are also developing their solutions, which are more or less shared.
Max Weinbach is a knowledgeable prophet. He posted a message on his Twitter account, mentioning that Samsung has indeed begun development work to use the latest version of the Google operating system for its Galaxy S21 series of smartphones. Every year, manufacturers hold a special developer conference after the start of the school year, the SDC Samsung Developer Conference. The beta version covered by One UI 4.0 may be launched in August.
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Apple’s new environmental goal: the future iPhone will use 100% recyclable materials

Over the years, everyone has been discussing the importance of environmental protection to our lives. Many countries and regions have put forward the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. New energy vehicles are also gradually trending and trending. In addition to the transformation and upgrading of companies in the automotive industry, which obviously have a significant impact on the environment, many technology companies are also announcing and practicing their environmental protection concepts.

Recently, Cook said that Apple is already a carbon neutral company. What it needs to do now is to further expand people’s understanding of carbon neutrality and hope to achieve carbon neutrality across the entire chain from the supply chain to the user side by 2030.和化. To this end, Apple has set a goal for itself: no longer consume anything on the earth in the new iPhone produced in the future. Although this goal has not yet been achieved, considerable results have been achieved. Now 40% of the aluminum on Mac computers is recycled, and 98% of the rare earths in the iPhone 12 are also recycled.
   At the iPhone 12 series conference last year, Apple demonstrated its environmental protection concept to everyone. At that time, Apple announced that in order to protect the environment, the iPhone 12 series cancelled the charging head that has always been included. As one of the world’s leading companies in the mobile phone industry, Apple’s move also caused the industry to follow suit. Many mobile phone manufacturers have announced the cancellation of the complimentary charging heads. Some manufacturers also said that users can freely choose whether to need a charging head.
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Motorola Defy 2021 parameters exposed, Snapdragon 662 with 48MP lens

Earlier, some whistleblowers said that Motorola is about to re-enact the “Defy” series of products. Recently, some whistleblowers have announced the rendering and configuration information of Motorola’s Defy 2021. Let’s take a look at whether this product is what you expect.

It is understood that Motorola Defy 2021 still focuses on the “three defenses”. It complies with the US MIL-STD-810H military specification. It can resist vibration, humidity, salt spray and thermal shock. It also supports IP68 dust and water resistance, and can be used in water depths of 1.5m. Use for 35 minutes.

   In terms of configuration, the Motorola Defy 2021 looks a bit quite satisfactory. It uses the Snapdragon 662 processor and has three rear cameras on the back. The front of the fuselage uses a 6.5-inch screen with a resolution of 720P, and the surface is covered with Corning Gorilla Victus glass, and it is embedded in the frame 0.5mm to ensure the stability of the phone.

   In addition, Motorola Defy 2021 will also have a built-in 5000mAh large battery that supports 20W charging.
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Samsung demonstrates its prototype 6G network system, initially achieving 6.2Gbps rate

Samsung already proposed its own white paper on the sixth-generation mobile network technology (6G) last year. Earlier, it demonstrated a prototype of a 6G network system that operates on terahertz (THz) frequencies with the University of California, Santa Barbara. .

According to Samsung’s estimation, the peak transmission rate of the 6G network will be 50 times faster than the current 5G network, and even reach the scale of terabits per second. The delay is 1/10 of the existing 5G network. Contents that require higher transmission bandwidth can be played more smoothly.
   Compared with 5G networks, most of them use frequencies in the 40GHz range. 6G networks are expected to be able to correspond to frequency ranges above 100GHz, which means that they will use the highest bandwidth specifications of 400MHz than the current 5G networks and can transmit data at a higher frequency.

In this demonstration, Samsung used a wireless network system with a frequency of 140GHz and a bandwidth of 2GHz to achieve a transmission rate of up to 6.2Gbps within a distance of 49 feet. Compared with the 5G network that can correspond to a transmission rate of 5.23Gbps, it is obviously able to continue to move forward.上 Increase. According to Samsung’s instructions, it is expected that the 1000Gbps (1Tbps) transmission rate specification corresponding to 6G network theory can be realized.
The current market expects that the 6G network is expected to have specifications around 2030 and become a technology used in the market. Prior to this, it is still in the stage of proposing technical design prototypes. Therefore, in addition to Samsung, Qualcomm, Ericsson, and MediaTek are also in the industry. Has begun to plan the development of next-generation mobile network technology, and continue to refine the existing 5G network development layout>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

Google’s Pixel 6 could benefit from ultra-high-speed wireless charging support

The US giant Google should soon announce its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. With them, the company should also provide wireless charging support, allowing mobile phones placed on them to be charged very quickly.

Google pixel Stand

At present and since 2018, Google has launched a wireless charging stand, which can be charged by simply placing the device on it. Google Stand is likely to have a big brother, because the company seems to be developing a device that allows faster charging speeds. In addition, like the stand, it can also provide a comfortable viewing angle for your device, allowing you to put your phone on it while paying attention to the second screen next to the computer’s main display.
Inside the Android 12 source codeLooking at the source code of Android 12, a contributor to the website noticed that Google has begun to study the new Google wireless charging support, and considering the time, it can be reasonably considered that it can be ready as accessories for Pixel 6 and The launch of Pixel 6 Pro. The stand seems to have a fan, which can dissipate the heat generated by the internal components of the device itself, and it can also dissipate the heat of the phone when it is charging.The current Google Stand provides 10 watts of wireless charging power and does not have this type of cooling system. This indicates that the new Google Stand may charge faster. In contrast, OnePlus provides a very fast wireless charger with a power of 50 watts and also includes a fan.
Fans who adapt to the situationThe code found indicates that the Google team is planning different configuration files for different speeds of the fan blades installed on the new bracket. For example, by saying “Ok Google”, these may automatically reduce their speed in order to better capture your voice to listen to the following commands. It is also envisaged that the charging speed can be manually adjusted by selecting, for example, automatic, silent or fast charging mode. Finally, please note that the American giant left another clue in its code. Indeed, we can see the code name “Luxuryliner”. Knowing that the Stand in 2018 is “Dreamliner”, he can be sure that it will be an accessory in the Stand series. Pixel 5 or Pixel 4.
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