New MacBook Air renderings exposed, colorful colors cancel wedge design

Recently, Apple launched the iMac with colorful design. According to the whistleblower, Apple will continue the colorful design in other Mac product lines. The next product with colorful design is likely to be the MacBook Air.

   Recently, a whistleblower released a rendering of the next-generation MacBook Air. From the picture, the new MacBook Air has a variety of color schemes, and the overall color is the same as that of the iMac. In addition, the new MacBook Air uses a pure white keyboard and a pure white panel, and because the top row of keyboards is larger, the area of ​​the touchpad will look smaller.

   It is worth noting that the new MacBook Air also changes the previous wedge-shaped design, the whole machine looks a bit similar to the MacBook Pro. However, it is understood that the thickness of the new MacBook Air will be greatly reduced, even if the wedge-shaped body is not used, it can also meet the user’s requirements for a “thin and light body”.

   In terms of performance, there are reports that the new MacBook Air will use M1X or M2 chips, which have greater performance improvements than M1 chips. At the same time, the new MacBook Air will also continue the fanless design, so there is no need to worry about noise during daily use.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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