What to do if the iPhone battery is attenuated? A few knowledge about battery health

Recently, more and more Apple users have found that the battery health is falling a little faster, especially for the iPhone 12 series. Here are a few knowledge about battery health.

1. Fast charging may accelerate battery consumption
This year’s iPhone 12 all support 20W fast charging. However, many small partners have suggested that after using fast charging, the battery capacity of iPhone 12 will drop by 2%-3% in a short period of time! So the question is, will fast charging cause damage to battery health? The answer is: yes! But the impact is not great.
When using fast charge, due to the high current, the thermal effect will cause the battery to generate high temperature, and the high temperature is the culprit that causes the rapid decline of the battery capacity. Therefore, for those who are accustomed to using wired fast charging, it is strongly recommended that you use Apple’s official (or MFi certified) charging head and data cable to minimize battery loss.
Second, high temperature is the culprit in accelerating battery loss
Here is a special reminder that you should never put your phone on the bed, sofa or any other place that is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the phone while charging. Do not use the phone for navigation while fast charging in the car in the summer. If you must do this, be sure to use the air conditioning vent mobile phone holder and use it when the air conditioner is turned on, so that at least the phone can be kept at a suitable temperature.
In addition, for mobile game players, you can consider adding a cooling fan to your mobile phone. It is also very effective to test the heat dissipation effect.
Three, choose MagSafe magnetic charging treasure carefully
MagSafe magnetic charging treasure may also cause the iPhone 12 battery to decay faster.
At present, there are various kinds of magnetic charging treasures on the market, but these products that claim to be compatible with MagSafe are almost all informal “MagSafe compatible” and are not officially certified by Apple. Many of these third-party products have problems such as severe fever, unreliable quality, and no after-sales guarantee. So, if you really need a MagSafe magnetic power bank, Apple’s latest external battery is currently the only officially certified MagSafe battery accessory.You can buy laptop batteries on oriccabattery.co.uk

Another company abandoned Qualcomm chips, Google will independently develop chips for new mobile phones

Mobile phones have basically become an indispensable item in each of our lives. It covers many aspects of our work, study, entertainment and so on. The chip industry, which provides one of the most important components for mobile phones, is naturally also the current sweet potato. Recently, Google said that it will independently develop new mobile phone chips.

   According to reports, Google announced on Monday that it will develop its own smartphone processor “Google Tensor” for use in the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to be released this fall. In this regard, Qualcomm said that it will continue to work closely with Google on existing and future products based on the Snapdragon platform.

   It is understood that this time Google’s self-developed mobile phone chip will also use the ARM chip architecture. This architecture chip has lower power consumption and can naturally bring higher performance. Google officially stated that this is a complete system-level chip that can significantly improve the photo and video processing, translation and other functions on the phone.
   Now more and more smart terminal manufacturers are gradually “abandoning” traditional chip manufacturers in order to develop their own processors. This is the case with the latest Mac computer released by Apple. It abandons the Intel chip it has been using before, but is equipped with a self-developed M1 processor.You can buy laptop batteries on oriccabattery.co.uk

OnePlus Nord 10 Pro was exposed and adopted under-screen camera design

OnePlus Nord 10 Pro is expected to be launched in early 2022. Now, LetsGoDigital has exposed the rendering of the machine.

  The exposure map shows that OnePlus Nord 10 Pro adopts a curved design on the front and back, just like the OnePlus 9 Pro. The mobile phone screen does not have any openings, it should be designed with an under-screen camera. The camera module on the back of the phone adopts a circular design, bulges outward, and contains two lenses and a flash. The “HASSELBLAD” logo is written under the camera, indicating that the camera of this phone is also built in cooperation with Hasselblad and should have a good photo performance.

OnePlus Nord 10 Pro seems to use black artificial leather design, which should bring a comfortable holding experience. There is a 3.5mm audio jack on the top of the phone and a USB Type-C port, speaker and microphone grille on the bottom. There is a power button, an alarm slider and a camera shutter button on the right side of the phone, and a volume up and down buttons on the left side of the phone.

   It is worth mentioning that the rendering is just a “concept presentation” of OnePlus Nord 10 Pro. In fact, the design of the phone may be completely different. It is expected that in a few months, we will be able to see the actual rendering of this phone.You can buy cell phone batteries onoriccabattery.co.uk

Some media exposed Apple’s chip roadmap to release a variety of new Mac products in 2022

Thanks to a good user experience, Mac products equipped with Apple Silicon have been recognized by many consumers. Recently, some media exposed Apple Silicon’s roadmap and forecasts of Mac product planning in the next year. According to the media, Apple will launch a brand-new MacBook Pro this year and a high-end version of the Mac mini soon.

   Earlier, Apple stated at the 2020 WWDC conference that it would take two years to switch all its Mac products to Apple Silicon. Now, except for the Mac Pro product line, other product lines have been converted. It is understood that Apple will most likely launch a Mac Pro equipped with a self-developed chip in 2022, but before the product is unveiled, Apple will still launch a Mac Pro with a built-in Intel chip.

   In addition, Apple will also launch a newly designed MacBook Air in 2022. The new MacBook Air has a richer I/O interface, and the charging port will also be changed to MagSafe magnetic charging. This design can ensure that even if the power cord is kicked in daily use, it will not cause the Mac to fall, reducing the risk during use.You can buy cell phone batteries onoriccabattery.co.uk

Convenient for “mobile office”, Lenovo (ThinkVision) SEI 15 monitor doubles productivity

With the gradual maturity of Internet technology and the popularization of 5G technology, “mobile office” has become a new trend. For financial practitioners, advertising practitioners, BD, sales and other “flying trapeze” who often deal with data, mobile office is even more commonplace. However, only a “notebook” can not meet the increasing office needs, especially most notebooks are 13 or 14 inches in size, and the display effect is slightly insufficient. At this time, the “expansion screen” comes in handy. Display size, better portability, and more intelligent terminal connections, eliminating the trouble of “double-book office”. Today I want to introduce the mobile portable display produced by Lenovo (ThinkVision)-Siyi 15, designed for mobile office, making the road more efficient!

HD resolution, thin and portable
Compared with the mobile portable displays on the market, Lenovo (ThinkVision) Siyi 15 has been upgraded again in size-up to 15.6 inches, with FHD resolution, providing a better visual experience. Although the size has become larger, the portability of the Siyi 15 remains the same. It uses a three-sided narrow frame design. The thinnest point is only 6mm, and the body weight is only 860g, which is even less than the weight of a tablet and is suitable for multi-scene needs.

One-line connection, easy to expand
One of the troubles of the mobile portable screen is that its power consumption reduces the battery life of the notebook sharply, and the Siyi 15 with dual USB-C interfaces does not have this trouble.
The Siyi 15 with two USB-C ports can be connected to the laptop while being connected to the power supply. The advantage of this is that the power supply can supply power to the laptop through the Siyi 15, allowing users to easily manage the power supply of the portable display. Moreover, Siyi 15 also supports a first-line connection scheme, which is more compatible with notebooks, and is easier to connect and expand different smart devices while saving desktop space.

Intimate design, low blue light
In terms of detailed design, Lenovo (ThinkVision) Siyi 15 is also very intimate.It uses an integrated bracket design. No additional bracket is required when used. It can be opened and closed at a right angle of up to 90°, and the bracket can be adjusted in height and lift height. It supports up to 10mm to meet the needs of multiple scenarios and greatly enhance the comfort of use.

Siyi 15 also has an independent brightness adjustment button, which can be adjusted from 0 to 100%. Next to the brightness adjustment button is an independent anti-blue light mode switch, which can switch between low blue light mode and normal display mode with one button, which effectively protects eyesight and relieves eyes. Department of fatigue.

Getting used to “multi-screen mobile office” is necessary in this era of information explosion. On the one hand, we are surrounded by massive amounts of information every day, no matter whether it is actively acquired or passively received, there is an indispensable “window” that can carry it; on the other hand, the continuous progress of portable smart devices pursues “lightness” and “thinness”. As a result, interfaces usually rely on USB-C, which also makes it more difficult for traditional displays to connect to devices. The Lenovo (ThinkVision) Siyi 15 monitor can solve these “pain points” and effectively help the mobile office crowd to increase productivity.You can buy laptop batteries on oriccabattery.co.uk

The new generation of iPad Air may be released in the fall, and the rear dual camera is similar to the iPad Pro

According to the practice of previous years, Apple will update the iPad Air product line this fall. Recently, some media quoted supply chain sources as saying that the design of the new iPad Air will be similar to the 11-inch iPad Pro. The front will still use a 10.9-inch screen, but the back will be upgraded to dual cameras.

   According to Apple’s product line planning, there will still be a certain gap between iPad Air and iPad Pro. Therefore, the new iPad Air will most likely not use the M1 chip, but will use the same A15 chip as the iPhone 13 series.
   There is another news that Apple will also introduce 5G network to the iPad Air product line this year. The new product unveiled this fall will become Apple’s first iPad Air to support 5G network. In terms of screen, the new iPad Air will still use a 60Hz screen, so users who have a higher demand for high refresh rate screens still need to choose iPad Pro.

It is worth noting that the new iPad mini that has been frequently exposed before will most likely not be released this year. The new iPad mini will adopt a new design. The overall shape is similar to the iPad Air newly released last year. It has a larger screen size and a comprehensive The screen design will bring users a better experience.You can buy mobile phone batteries on oriccabattery.co.uk

What is fast charge? Is there any difference between fast charge battery and ordinary battery?

What is a fast charge battery?

Most of the fast-charging batteries on the market are lithium-ion batteries, so the fast charging generally refers to lithium-ion batteries. The charge-discharge rate of a lithium-ion battery determines how fast we can store a certain amount of energy in the battery, or how fast we can release the energy in the battery.
When charging, lithium ions are generated on the positive electrode of the battery, and the generated lithium ions move to the negative electrode through the electrolyte. The carbon as the negative electrode has a layered structure, which has many micropores for the insertion of lithium ions that reach the negative electrode.
The more lithium ions are inserted, the higher the charging capacity. During fast charging, lithium ions need to be quickly inserted into the negative electrode. This poses a great challenge to the negative electrode’s ability to quickly receive lithium ions. The battery of ordinary chemical system will have by-products in the negative electrode during fast charging, which will affect the cycle and stability of the battery. The core of the lithium battery fast charging technology is to accelerate the speed of lithium ions moving between the positive and negative electrodes through chemical system and design optimization without affecting the battery life and reliability.
Is there any difference between fast charge battery and ordinary battery?
Fast-charge battery refers to a battery that can be fully charged with 80% or 100% power in a short period of time. By changing the electrolyte formula of the battery itself, it can withstand a larger current and be fully charged in a short time. This is the biggest feature of fast charging batteries. Fast-charge batteries can be divided into lithium-ion batteries, button batteries, nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium batteries, etc. according to their materials. The following are the differences between quick-charge batteries and ordinary batteries.
1. Extremely fast charging. For example, charge more than 80% of electricity in 15 minutes;
2. Ultra-long and durable: After 500 times of fast charging, it still maintains more than 80% of the capacity;
3. Safe and reliable: Comply with lithium battery safety standards such as IEC, UL, PSE, UN38.3, etc.;
4. Wide application: It can be customized and developed according to actual needs, and it is widely used in consumer electronics, toys and other electronic products.If you want to buy a fast charge battery, please buy it on oriccabattery.co.uk.

The new Apple display may have a built-in A13 chip to improve graphics performance

At the 2019 WWDC conference, Apple launched a new Pro Display XDR display, which is Apple’s first 32-inch 6K retina display with a peak brightness of 1600 nits and a contrast ratio of 1000000:1. Recently, there are media reports that Apple is about to launch a display that breaks through the Pro Display XDR. This display will have a built-in A13 bionic chip to improve graphics performance.

   In short, adding an A13 bionic chip to the monitor is similar to a built-in graphics card for the monitor. It can help Mac improve graphics performance, and can also reduce the burden on Mac’s built-in graphics card during daily use. According to another source, Apple can also develop its own applications, which can integrate the Mac’s SoC with the display’s SoC during use to further improve graphics performance.

   As early as 2016, it was reported that Apple was about to launch a display with a built-in graphics card, but until Apple launched Pro Display XDR in 2019, we did not see this display unveiled. However, there have been more revelations, so we are likely to see this display product with built-in graphics card in the near future.You can buy mobile phone batteries on oriccabattery.co.uk

Samsung missed the first! Q2’s mobile phone sales in India are only half of Xiaomi’s

 According to media reports, Samsung is slowly losing control of the Indian smartphone market. Three years ago, Samsung slipped from the No. 1 position in China, paving the way for Xiaomi to become the leader in smartphones. In the past few quarters, the two companies have been in fierce competition. However, Samsung is now far behind Xiaomi.
   According to the latest data from market research company Canalys, Samsung only shipped 5.5 million smartphones in India in the second quarter of 2021. This is close to half of Xiaomi’s sales. Samsung’s market share in the quarter was 17%, while Xiaomi, which shipped 9.5 million units, had a market share of 29%. Samsung’s year-on-year growth was 87%, while Xiaomi’s year-on-year growth was 77%.

  Vivo shipped 5.4 million smartphones in the country, with a market share of nearly 17%, beating Samsung by a narrow margin and ranking second. Realme smartphone shipments were 4.9 million units, an increase of 181% year-on-year, and its market share reached 15%. On the other hand, OPPO smartphone shipments are 3.8 million units, with a market share of 12%.
   Compared with the second quarter of 2020, the overall Indian smartphone market has grown by 87%. Last year, the country experienced an epidemic in the first and second quarters, which severely affected the sales of smart phones, and the smart phone market has not yet fully recovered.You can buy cell phone batteries on oriccabattery.co.uk

Convincing people with “color” iPhone 13 Pro has sunset gold color? Supply chain has been proven

In the era of smart phones, consumers pay more attention to the appearance of products. The design is good or not, and the color is not beautiful. It is the direct factor that affects everyone to buy a certain mobile phone. When it comes to the ability to convince people with “color”, Apple is considered a “hero” in the mobile phone circle. Earlier, Apple boldly launched new color schemes on previous generations of iPhones, which has won global consumers’ popularity. With the launch of this fall coming soon, what color surprises will the legendary iPhone 13 series have?

   According to media reports, news from the Chinese supply chain confirmed that Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro will be available in four colors. In addition to silver, sunset gold, matte black and pale rose gold can all be regarded as new or adjusted colors. According to reports, sunset gold has a “bronze feel”, while rose gold “looks paler.” This is consistent with a series of previous rumors. In addition to sunset gold and rose gold, it is reported that the existing black models will also become matte.

Of course, in the iPhone 12 series, we can see that Apple has adopted different color strategies for different models. The lower-positioned iPhone 12 is more colorful and youthful, while the higher-positioned iPhone 12 Pro series appears more stable in color. Gives a sense of luxury. Coming to the iPhone 13 series, Apple should continue this strategy. It is expected that the color scheme of the iPhone 13 will also change, but the richness should remain the same.You can buy mobile phone batteries on oriccabattery.co.uk