The latest rendering of Xiaomi Mi 12 is exposed! Compared with Xiaomi Civi, the mood is very complicated after reading

Laut Online-Nachrichten wird Mi 12 voraussichtlich am 28. dieses Monats veröffentlicht. Schauen wir uns vorher an, wie es aussehen könnte.
   Nachrichten Am 3. Dezember wurde ein aktuelles Rendering von Mi 12 online gestellt. Es ist erwähnenswert, dass das Xiaomi Mi 12 in diesem Rendering nicht allein, sondern zum Vergleich zusammen mit Xiaomi Civi erschienen ist. Aus gestalterischer Sicht ähnelt das gesamte Rückseitendesign des Mi 12 etwas dem des Mi Civi und auch die Anordnung der Kameramodule ist ähnlich, allerdings ist die Kameramatrixfläche des Mi 12 größer. Außerdem scheint das Xiaomi Mi 12 das gleiche wie Xiaomi Civi zu sein, mit dem AG-Matt-Prozess auf der Rückseite.

   Neben der Optik verdient auch die Ausstattung des Mi 12 Beachtung. Laut den aktuellen Nachrichten kann Xiaomi Mi 12 sicher sein, dass es mit Snapdragon 8 Gen1 auf den Markt kommt und seine Leistung wird erwartet.
   In Bezug auf die Bilder wird das Xiaomi Mi 12 nach den neuesten belichteten Renderings über ein hinteres Drei-Kamera-System verfügen, und es ist sehr wahrscheinlich, dass die Hauptkamera 200 Millionen Pixel hat (es könnte auch die erste Version sein). Dass das Xiaomi Mi 12 die schnellsten Schnappschüsse, den stabilsten Fokus und die stärksten Nachtszenen hat und sich seine Leistung frei einstellen und einfahren lässt, hat Zeng Xuezhong, der Präsident von Xiaomis Handyabteilung, übrigens vor kurzem verraten. Dies zeigt, dass Xiaomi 12 beim Tuning von Snapdragon 8 Gen1 möglicherweise erfolgreicher ist.
   Darüber hinaus haben die Nachrichten heute enthüllt, dass diese Konferenz möglicherweise nur drei Modelle haben wird: Mi 12 SE, Mi 12 Standard Edition und Mi 12 Pro. Das Ultra-Modell wird möglicherweise erst im nächsten Jahr veröffentlicht.
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Smaller and stronger! It is rumored that TSMC began trial production of 3nm chips and Apple can use it in the next year

The smaller the process area of ​​the chip, the lower the power consumption and the higher the energy efficiency. Currently, among the mass-produced mobile phone chips on the market, the best ones are the newly released MediaTek Dimensity 9000 and Qualcomm’s new-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform using 4nm process technology.

   Recently, Taiwanese media reported that Apple’s chip foundry, TSMC, is expected to begin mass production of 3nm chips in the fourth quarter of 2022. This means that Apple products can use 3nm chips as early as 2023.
   According to Taiwanese media, TSMC has now begun trial production of 3nm chips, and currently plans to enter mass production in the fourth quarter of next year. Earlier media reports stated that Apple’s goal is to use 3nm chips on Mac, iPhone and iPad, and it is expected to start with iPhone and Mac in 2023. However, if TSMC completes its mass production of 3nm chips ahead of schedule, the iPhone 14 series that Apple will release next year may use this 3nm chip.
   At present, the chips produced by TSMC’s 5nm process technology used in all of Apple’s main products can already be said to be the top mass-produced products in the chip industry. After the 3nm chip is officially mass-produced, the performance of Apple’s products will have a more eye-catching performance. CELL PHONE BATTERIES – Shop a wide selection of  cell phone Batteries at Fast Shipping.

Apple will reduce production of the iPhone 13 series in response to weakening demand

 For a long time, the iPhone series that Apple launched every year are in short supply on the market, and the new iPhone 13 series this year is no exception. However, there is news that Apple plans to cut production of the iPhone 13 series.

   Recently, Bloomberg reported that Apple told its suppliers that in the case of tight supply, demand for the iPhone 13 series may be lower than the company’s initial expectations. Previously, Apple planned to produce 90 million iPhone 13 series devices, but due to a shortage of parts, Apple cut its production target for the iPhone 13 series by 10 million units. At the same time, since the release in September, the waiting time for consumers’ iPhone 13 series orders has been as high as 2, 3, or even 4 weeks.
   Initially, Apple told its suppliers that once the tight supply situation improves, it will make up 10 million units in early 2022. However, Bloomberg reported that Apple has noticed that demand for the iPhone 13 series has weakened, and the company no longer plans to reach its 90 million production target during this time.
   Why is the demand for the highly sought after iPhone weakened? First of all, many consumers believe that compared with the iPhone 12 series, the upgrade of the iPhone 13 series is not obvious, and there are rumors that next year’s iPhone 14 may have major changes. Secondly, the too long delivery cycle also makes consumers think that it is not worth buying the iPhone 13 series.
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Samsung A13 5G launched in the U.S. with Dimensity 700 for $249.99

On December 2, the editor learned that Samsung A13 5G will be officially launched in the United States on December 3. It is Samsung’s cheapest 5G device so far, priced at only US$249.99.

   In terms of the screen, the Samsung A13 5G screen adopts a water drop screen design on the top of the screen, equipped with a 6.5-inch LCD display that supports a 90Hz adaptive refresh rate. At the same time, it is equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor, supports 64GB of expandable storage, and runs Android 11. It has a battery capacity of 5000 mAh and supports 15W charging.
  It also performs well in moving images. It has a three-camera system, a 50-megapixel main camera lens, a 2-megapixel macro lens, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. It also has a 5-megapixel front camera.
  In terms of other configurations, the Samsung A13 5G has a side fingerprint sensor, a single downward-emitting speaker, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.
   In addition to Samsung A13 5G, Samsung A03s will also be available in the United States in January next year. The price will be cheaper than Samsung A13 5G, only $159. The configuration of these two phones is not much different, but A03s does not support high-brush, and the camera module specifications are lower than A13 5G.Purchase link CELL PHONE BATTERIES – Shop a wide selection of  cell phone Batteries at Fast Shipping.

The new iPhone SE may be unveiled next spring, equipped with A15 to support 5G networks

In April 2020, Apple released the second generation iPhone SE. Recently, foreign media broke the news that Apple did not give up the product line. The new generation of iPhone SE is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022. From this point of view, Apple is likely to be at the new product launch conference in March next year. Publish the product.

   It is revealed that the third-generation iPhone SE will still adopt the design of the iPhone 8. Its front body adopts a 4.7-inch screen, supports touch ID, and has different colors such as black, white and red. However, the third-generation iPhone SE will be equipped with the latest A15 bionic chip, so it will also become the first iPhone SE to support 5G networks.

  Analysis pointed out that Apple’s launch of the iPhone SE that supports 5G networks is to further lower the threshold of 5G networks. It is reported that Apple expects the output of the new generation of iPhone SE in 2022 to be 25 to 30 million units, which will also help Apple occupy a place in the mid-range 5G smartphone segment.CELL PHONE BATTERIES – Shop a wide selection of  cell phone Batteries at Fast Shipping.

Folding screen mobile phone shipments explode in the third quarter of 2021, Z Flip3 accounts for 60%

The world’s first folding screen mobile phone came out in 2018, and this year finally ushered in the first wave of small sales peaks. In addition to a new record in shipments, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 alone accounted for the majority of sales. And it is expected that in the fourth quarter, the sales of folding screen mobile phones will continue to rise.

Panel supply chain market research institution DSCC recently released a market report on folding screen mobile phones for the third quarter of 2021. The report shows that folding screen mobile phones ushered in explosive growth in the last quarter. In addition to an increase of 215% over the previous quarter, The volume has reached 2.6 million units, which was not reached in the previous four seasons.

  Unsurprisingly, the biggest winner is Samsung, which has a 93% market share. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has been greatly reduced in price compared to the previous generation, coupled with a new design, whether it is more optimized in terms of durability, external screen, and waterproof and dustproof level, it accounted for the global folding screen mobile phone output in the third quarter. With 60% of the volume, Z Fold 3 ranks second with 23% market share, and the previous generation Z Flip 5G also has 7% sales.
After    Samsung, Huawei won the second place. Huawei is selling only the Mate X2 5G version and 4G version of the folding screen models, and the sales area is limited, accounting for only 6% of the market.

DSCC predicts that in the fourth quarter of 2021, the sales of folding screen mobile phones will continue to rise, with shipments reaching 3.8 million units, and the demand for Samsung Z Fold 3 will increase to 36%, which will increase the market share of Samsung’s folding screen mobile phones to 95%. In addition, DSCC predicts that the annual sales of folding screen mobile phones will reach 17.5 million units in 2022. In addition to Samsung’s expansion of the folding screen mobile phone market, OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor and Motorola all have plans to launch folding screens in the next year. Mobile phones, which will further stimulate the sales of folding screen mobile phones.
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2021 Q3 global smartphone sales ranking announced: Apple ranked second

On November 26, Gartner statistics showed that the number of smartphones sold to end users worldwide in the third quarter of 2021 fell by 6.8% compared with the same period in 2020. The decline in sales was mainly due to the shortage of product components that disrupted production plans. As a result, mobile phone inventory is reduced and product supply is delayed.

According to the data, Samsung’s smartphone sales leader in the third quarter of 2021 is Samsung, with a market share of 20.2% in the quarter. Although it has declined compared with the same period last year, Samsung’s improved foldable smartphones performed strongly. Maintain an overall leading position in mobile phone sales. Followed by Apple and Xiaomi, Apple returned to the world’s top five smart phone manufacturers second, with a market share of 14.2% in the quarter, the market demand for Apple iPhone continued to remain strong; Xiaomi returned to the third, market share in the quarter Is 13%.

   In addition to Xiaomi, Chinese smartphone manufacturers vivo and OPPO also performed well, with market shares of 10.5% and 9.8% respectively in the quarter, up 2.4% and 1.7% year-on-year, and mobile phone sales ranked fourth and fifth.
In addition, Gartner’s senior research director said: “Despite strong consumer demand, smartphone sales have declined due to product launch delays, extended delivery times, and insufficient channel inventory. Various supply constraints imposes on the production of basic and practical smartphones. The impact of the plan is far greater than that of high-end smartphones.”
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New Mac Pro exposed, built-in dual M1 Max top price over $50,000

At present, most products in the Mac product line have adopted Apple’s self-developed M1 chip, but the most powerful Mac Pro still uses Intel chips. According to media reports, Apple has planned to use self-developed chips on the new Mac Pro to further improve performance.

   It is reported that the new Mac Pro will use different configurations. The basic chip will consist of two M1 Max chips, while the high-end chip will consist of four M1 Max chips, and its price will exceed $50,000. Considering that the new MacBook Pro has given us great surprises in performance, I believe that the new Mac Pro will also provide us with a brand new experience.

   In addition, previous media reports said that thanks to the extremely high integration of the M1 chip, the new Mac Pro will also adopt a new design, its overall size is smaller, and it has a strong heat dissipation capacity. In addition, the new Mac Pro is still very rich in interface, enough to meet the needs of professional users.
At the 2020 WWDC conference, Apple announced that it will take two years to complete the transition from Intel chips to self-developed chips. There is still more than half a year before the “two-year period”. We announce the specific information of the new Mac Pro.CELL PHONE BATTERIES – Shop a wide selection of  cell phone Batteries at Fast Shipping.

Breaking the news: Xiaomi 12 series may be released on the day of “Double Twelve”, with two first models

Earlier news broke that Xiaomi will hold a new product launch conference in December this year and officially launch the new Xiaomi 12 series mobile phones. According to the latest news, considering China’s Double Twelfth Shopping Festival and the number of Xiaomi Mi 12, the release time of the Mi 12 series is likely to be advanced to December 12.

   Considering that December 12 is a Sunday, from the perspective of product dissemination, the probability of Xiaomi 12 releasing a new phone on this day is not high. However, Xiaomi has not yet announced the specific release time of the Mi 12 series, so we also need to wait until the official release of more detailed information.

   broke the news that Xiaomi will release two Xiaomi 12 series mobile phones in December this year. Among them, Xiaomi Mi 12 debuted the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chip, using a 2K120Hz hyperboloid screen with a hole in the center, and a rear three-camera on the back. The other product is Mi 12X, which is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 mobile platform. This is likely to be a small-screen flagship phone with a 50-megapixel main camera on the back.
   There is still some time before the Xiaomi Mi 12 series conference. I believe that as time approaches, we can also get more official news.
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If the iPhone14 Pro looks like this, would you accept it? Comes with secondary screen

From the iPhone11 series to the iPhone13 series released this year, apart from the change in the frame, it seems that there is not much change. I believe many netizens are looking forward to the fact that Apple can surprise us with the iPhone14 series.

   News on November 25, a set of hypothetical pictures of the so-called iPhone14 Pro circulated on the Internet. This group of imaginary pictures “brain open” even equipped the back of the iPhone14 Pro with a secondary screen to display information such as time. This may be something fruit fans can’t even think of. In the camera matrix part, the machine seems to use a four-camera system with an external flash.

   Of course, these are all imaginary pictures, and there are many similar imaginary pictures. Recently, some media have produced a set of relatively “conventional” renderings. This set of renderings shows that the iPhone14 Pro has two main changes. One is that it uses a hole-digging design on the front, and the other is that the camera matrix area boundary on the back has disappeared, making it more integrated. Apple may not adopt the first point of design, it is estimated that it will still use Liu Haiping, but the area may be smaller. As for the second point, Apple may consider this design.
   In addition, there has been news before that that Apple is considering replacing the USB-C interface for the iPhone 14 Pro. If the news is true, then this will be one of the biggest changes in the iPhone 14 Pro.CELL PHONE BATTERIES – Shop a wide selection of  cell phone Batteries at Fast Shipping.