Apple’s global expansion of independent maintenance program: Apple equipment maintenance costs or greatly reduced

For Apple iPhone users, once the phone needs repairs, they may be reluctant to go to Apple stores or large third-party companies for repairs, because the repair costs in these places are very high.
   But according to related reports, Apple recently announced that it is preparing to expand the scope of its independent repair providers and extend the repair plan to “almost all countries where Apple products are sold.” Once the plan is implemented, it means that people near you may soon use Apple’s official parts to repair your phone, which is very convenient and the repair cost will be greatly reduced.

   Currently, this kind of repair service is only available in the United States, Canada and Europe. However, later this year, service providers from more countries, including China, will also be able to join the program.
   However, the plan to join Apple is more stringent. First of all, repairers interested in participating in the project need to apply in advance. After approval, they can only purchase accessories, such as batteries, screens, and diagnostic tools, from designated channels. In addition, repairers who join the program also need to sign a contract with Apple, after which Apple will have the right to inspect the repair shop and have the right to impose penalties when problems are found.
  For users, it is important to note that these repairers can only repair some common problems. If the equipment is seriously faulty, you should go to an Apple authorized service provider for repairs, otherwise you may lose your warranty qualifications.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery 

IPhone 13 Pro may launch a matte black color scheme, and the camera protrusion will become thinner

On March 29, the media Apple Insider quoted the whistleblower Max Weinbach as saying that the iPhone 13 Pro may usher in a new color scheme “matte black.” According to the news, iPhone 13 will use a new coating that can better deal with fingerprints and smudges. On the back of the phone, the camera module will also be redesigned, and the protrusions will become thinner.

   If nothing else, the iPhone 13 series should arrive as scheduled this fall. Now, there has been a lot of news about this series of new machines. First of all, in terms of appearance, the key information given by the above revelations is: new color matching, new coating, and thinner camera protrusions. In addition, the front of the machine also has some changes.
   The Greek repair provider iRepair previously provided the media with a photo of the front glass panel of the iPhone 13. According to the photos, the size of this series of phones is the same as the iPhone 12 series, 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, but their “bangs” are obviously narrower.

   As for other aspects, a report recently released by the analysis agency Wedbush shows that the iPhone 13 series will provide 1TB of storage space and a LiDAR camera. According to the report, Apple’s new iPhone 13 series will add a large memory version with 1TB of storage space. The reason for this is that as the volume of data becomes larger and larger, users need a lot of space to store these files. In addition, LiDAR cameras that only appeared on high-end series models earlier will appear on the iPhone 13 series.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

The latest renderings of the folding screen iPhone exposed, the flip design with hidden hinges

At present, there are various folding screen mobile phones represented by Samsung and Huawei in the mobile phone market. Xiaomi has also recently exposed the new folding products of MIX Fold, but Apple has been standing still. A few days ago, the media LETSGODIGITAL exposed the latest renderings of Apple’s folding screen phones.

   This time the exposure is not an open-ended solution that folds “1” into “2”, but a folding screen with a clamshell design similar to Samsung Flip. This latest “iPhone Flip” folding screen mobile phone also has the most avant-garde industrial design, and its appearance is still very attractive. It can be seen from the rendering that the iPhone Flip adopts a design similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and the clamshell “makeup box” design is very easy to carry.

   After the folding screen iPhone is unfolded, the overall size is close to that of our regular mobile phones, and the appearance is very close to the currently exposed iPhone 13 series renderings on the market, and there is a small-sized secondary screen behind it. In addition, Apple also designed a unique hidden hinge, which can be almost perfectly hidden inside the fuselage. It is reported that this folding screen flip phone will be on the market in 2023.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

Apple has acquired 25 artificial intelligence companies in 5 years, ranking first in the industry in terms of number of transactions

In recent years, “artificial intelligence” has gradually become one of the hottest concepts in the technology industry. Tech giants are chasing “artificial intelligence” one after another, leading to many acquisitions in this field. According to media reports, in the past five years, Apple ranked first in the technology industry in terms of the number of acquisitions of artificial intelligence companies.
   A report released by GlobalData, a world-renowned data analysis company, shows that from 2016 to 2020, Apple has acquired a total of 25 artificial intelligence companies, more than Accenture, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

   It is reported that the artificial intelligence companies acquired by Apple include Silk Labs, Turi,, Unductiv, Voysis, PullString, etc. When Apple acquired these companies, it was relatively low-key and did not disclose the details, but its acquisitions are generally to obtain advanced technology or excellent talents, which will enhance Apple’s machine learning and Siri voice assistant products.
   Among them, Unductiv’s technology can help improve Siri’s data, Voysis can improve Siri’s natural language processing technology, and PullString can help Siri integrate with third-party iOS applications.
Nicklas Nilsson, the analyst who wrote the report, said that in the field of voice assistants, Apple Siri was the first to be born, but it lags behind the two major rivals in terms of intelligence. This disadvantage has also affected Apple’s performance in the smart speaker market. In order to catch up with Google’s “Google Assistant” and Amazon’s Alexa, Apple has launched a frantic acquisition in the field of artificial intelligence.

   It is worth mentioning that Apple CEO Cook said in February this year that in the past six years, Apple has acquired about 100 startups. Cook said that Apple remains open to mergers and acquisitions of companies of any size, but pays more attention to small-scale and innovative companies. Their technology can complement Apple’s products and the acquisition will also benefit the development of the target company.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

LG Electronics is developing key technologies for 6G networks and is expected to be commercialized in 2029

At present, the 5G network has been on the right track, and many countries and enterprises have also started the research and development of 6G network technology. Recently, foreign media reported that South Korea’s LG Electronics has signed a cooperation plan with Keysight of the United States and the Korea Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (KAIST) to jointly develop the next generation of 6G network technology.

   It is understood that the three parties will cooperate to develop the key wave technology of 6G communication and plan to complete the research in 2024. It is estimated that the 6G network can be commercialized in 2029.
   It was previously reported that the 6G network is expected to arrive around 2030. Compared with 5G networks, 6G networks are faster and have lower latency. The performance indicators of 6G networks are expected to reach 10 to 100 times that of 5G, and the peak transmission speed will reach 100Gbps to 1Tbps. In addition, 6G networks will be widely used in application scenarios such as communications, telemedicine, military, and entertainment games.

   At present, many well-known technology companies have formed the “Next G Alliance”, such as Apple, Google, Charter Communications, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Intel, Keysight Technologies, LG Electronics, Mavenir, MITRE and VMware, etc., are all members of this organization.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

Exposure that iPhone 12 mini is about to be discontinued due to battery life and other issues

According to news on March 24, according to industry chain sources, Apple’s iPhone 12 mini is about to be discontinued. After the launch of this model, due to problems such as poor battery life, sales fell short of Apple’s expectations, and the upstream and downstream industry chains were also affected, including Samsung, a supplier of OLED panels.

  According to Nihon Keizai Shimbun previously, Apple has cut the overall iPhone orders by about 20%, and most of these cut orders are for the iPhone 12 mini. According to reports, the iPhone 12 mini only accounts for “10% to 15% of Apple’s orders.” After entering 2021, Samsung’s shipments of small-size OLED panels have fallen by 9% to 45 million. The main reason is that the iPhone 12 mini’s production capacity has been reduced due to sluggish sales, so Apple has to pay Samsung compensation.
Samsung provides a 5.4-inch OLED screen for the iPhone 12 mini and is also an exclusive supplier. The reason for the possibility of compensation is that Apple gave an underwriting commitment to strive for a price advantage when the purchase agreement was previously agreed. The agreed lower limit. There are rumors that the iPhone 13 series to be released in September this year will still have 4 models, which means that the iPhone 13 mini will also appear.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

LG Electronics may shut down its smartphone business, scroll-screen phones have been shelved indefinitely

According to South Korea’s “Dong-A Ilbo” on March 21, citing an anonymous source in the electronics industry, LG Electronics may close its smartphone business instead of selling it. According to reports, negotiations with German Volkswagen and Vietnam Vingroup JSC on the possible sale of the smartphone business appear to have failed.
   LG Electronics CEO Kwon Bong-seok (Kwon Bong-seok) said in January that for a loss-making business, all choices are on the table. LG said, “In the global market, competition in mobile services (including smartphones) is getting fiercer. We are now open to all possibilities and are thoroughly reviewing our future plans.”

   It is reported that the company has stopped the development of a mobile phone with a scrollable display last month. “Dong-A Ilbo” said on Sunday that LG has shelved plans to launch all new smartphones in the first half of the year. “Dong-A Ilbo” stated that LG may share its decision on the fate of the business with employees as early as April.
   A person familiar with the matter previously revealed to the Korean media Chosun that LG and its cooperative operators decided not to continue the scheduled on-site test of LG Rainbow in late February. This high-end device was originally intended to be released this month as an alternative to LG V60ThinQ and LG Velvet, but the person said that due to the uncertainty of the future of LG’s smartphone business, its release has been shelved indefinitely.
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Apple iPhone Flip renderings exposed! The clamshell design also comes with a secondary screen

Anyone who pays attention to the folding screen mobile phone market knows that Samsung’s current folding screen products include Galaxy Z Fold and Z Filp, which respectively represent two folding solutions for folding screens: internal folding and clamshell folding. Among them, the clamshell folding mobile phone is characterized by fashion and exquisiteness. If you move this design to an Apple folding screen phone, you can also achieve this effect.

   Recently, LetsGoDigital, a Dutch technology blog, worked with Technizo Concept to create a rendering of the “iPhone Flip” flip-folding screen. Judging from the rendering, the screen of the iPhone Flip is slightly larger than the Samsung Z Flip and slightly smaller than the Motorola Razr. The iPhone Flip cover shows an interface that automatically informs users of incoming calls and notifications. The camera and the secondary screen are designed on the side of the fold line to facilitate selfies. In addition, in terms of color matching, iPhone Flip has four designs of red, white, gray and gold.

   In addition, some time ago, Taiwan’s “Economic Daily News” reported that Apple successfully got Foxconn to conduct multiple tests on the iPhone Flip. There are also reports that Apple’s folding screen phones may use special ceramic protective glass, which is not easy to break. Based on various sources, it seems that Apple is really likely to launch the iPhone Flip. This also shows that Apple has more than one folding screen solution.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

App Store small business plan: only let Apple lose less than 5% of revenue

Apple launched the App Store Small Business Program in November last year, reducing the App Store fees for all developers whose income from the App Store is less than $1 million from 30% to 15%. Facts have proved that this move did not cost Apple. how much is it.

  According to the estimation of the application analysis company Sensor Tower, if Apple’s plan is fully implemented in 2020, Apple will lose $595 million in revenue, accounting for approximately 2.7% of the estimated $21.7 billion App Store expenses in 2020. The apps that earn the most in the App Store still need to pay 30% of the full fee and account for most of the funds Apple collects.

   In addition, Google recently announced a similar price cut for developers. Starting July 1, Google will charge 15% of Play Store fees to developers whose income is less than $1 million. According to Sensor Tower estimates, if Google Play implements a 15% fee plan with revenue of no more than US$1 million in 2020, then Google will reduce revenue by US$587 million, accounting for Sensor Tower’s estimated annual Google Play cost of US$11.6 billion. Of 5%.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

iPhone will have a new change: Touch ID will return in 2022 or use a perforated screen

Apple launched the iPhone X in 2017. Due to the full-screen design, Face ID replaced the original Touch ID and became the iconic configuration of the current iPhone. On March 13, there was news that Touch ID is expected to return, and the iPhone 13 series released in the second half of this year may have significant changes compared to the previous generation.

   Barclays analyst Andrew Gardner said that in addition to Face ID, the iPhone 13 series released this year is likely to be equipped with under-screen fingerprint unlocking, and Touch ID will return. But he also mentioned that although this feature may not appear on the iPhone 13 series in the end, the return of this feature set will mark another major change for Apple.

In addition to under-screen fingerprint unlocking, the iPhone 13 series will be equipped with a more integrated structured light module to maintain support for Face ID. At the same time, as the module becomes more compact, the “bangs” part of the phone will become smaller. , The screen-to-body ratio of mobile phones has therefore become larger. In addition, LiDAR scanners are still limited to Pro and Pro Max models this year. It is worth noting that the structured light module may become smaller by 2022, so the possibility that the iPhone will use a perforated screen will not be ruled out by then.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery