Some iPhone 12 performance drops after iOS 14.5.1 system update

Recently, Apple pushed the official version of iOS 14.5.1, this time the updated version is 18E212. The update content shows that this update fixes some errors and also provides important security updates. It is recommended for all users to install. However, after some netizens updated the latest system, they found that the phone seems to have performance degradation. The performance of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 after updating the latest version is not as good as the iPhone XR released many years ago.

   The phenomenon of weakened performance mainly appears in the aspect of video rendering. Many netizens have found that the iPhone XR has faster video rendering speed compared with the updated iPhone 11. According to media reports, Apple also imposed a CPU limit on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 during the iOS 14.5.1 system update, which caused the running speed of these two devices to slow down. And this limitation has nothing to do with the heat generation of the mobile phone. Even if it is tested in a low temperature environment, the result is that the performance of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 is still greatly reduced.

   In April 2021, according to media reports, Apple will compensate 150,000 Chilean users with US$3.4 million for being sued for the slowing down of the old iPhone’s system update. In response to this matter, Apple specifically apologized to affected users and reduced the cost of replacing the mobile phone battery from $79 to $29.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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