LG Innotek plans to invest 3.2 billion yuan to increase iPhone camera module production

According to media reports, LG Innotek, a subsidiary of South Korea’s LG Group, plans to invest 547.8 billion won to increase the production of iPhone camera modules. According to TheElec’s report, the company announced that it will increase its optical solutions department’s expenditures towards the beginning of each year.

   In 2019, LG Innotek’s business expenditures were 282.1 billion won (approximately US$255 million), which increased to 479.8 billion won (approximately US$434 million) last year, marking a 14% increase in spending over 2020. It is understood that the company’s move may be due to recent changes in Apple’s camera module supply chain.

   It is understood that Apple currently has two camera module suppliers, compared with three before. O’Film’s order has now been taken over by LG Innotek and Sharp. Previously, LG Innotek mainly provided camera modules for high-end iPhone models. The 3D sensor modules produced by LG Innotek enable mobile devices to have the ability to capture 3D data and recognize users even in dark environments. This is achieved by iPhone X. The key component of facial recognition function. In the future, LG Innotek may involve components of low-end models.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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