Apple may launch a 7-inch foldable iPhone and support Apple Pencil

Recently, according to media reports, Apple is preparing a 7-inch foldable iPhone with Apple Pencil support. It is reported that this device will be equipped with an OLED panel with a size between 7.3-7.6 inches, and the screen size is close to the iPad mini. It is reported that this folding iPhone prototype has passed internal tests and is expected to be released in 2022 or 2023.

   The rumors about a foldable iPhone first appeared in 2016, and Apple also submitted a series of related patent applications. According to Digitimes, Apple has handed over the development of a foldable display to LG Display. According to the report, LG Display is “assisting” Apple in the development of the “iPhone” foldable OLED display. But the report did not mention whether Apple will hand over the mass production of the display to LG once the development is completed.
   In addition, Apple’s main screen supplier is Samsung. Apple uses both LG and Samsung’s OLED displays on the iPhone, so the display of the foldable iPhone is likely to be provided by two suppliers. Some reports claim that Apple prefers the clamshell design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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