Apple may replace iPad mini with foldable iPhone, launch in 2023 as soon as possible

On February 23, according to GSMArena, Apple may eventually replace the current iPad mini product line with a foldable iPhone, and the foldable iPhone will support stylus input.
   According to reports, the screen size of the foldable iPhone is between 7.3 inches and 7.6 inches. It adopts a clamshell folding scheme, which means that this phone may be similar in form to Samsung Z Filp. In the early report, the foldable iPhone will be unveiled in September 2022 at the earliest, but now there is news that this time may be postponed to 2023.

   But GSMArena also pointed out in the report that even if Apple will not eventually replace the iPad mini product line with a foldable iPhone, it may cancel it for other reasons. With the continuous reduction of the tablet frame and the increase of the screen-to-body ratio, it is possible that the size of the large-screen tablet may not affect the portability, and it also has a stronger configuration, which also compresses the iPad mini to a certain extent. Market space.
   Back to the foldable iPhone, this foldable screen phone will most likely not be available in the short term. It will take some time for Apple to improve the experience of using foldable screen products before launching related products on the market.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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