Smaller and stronger! It is rumored that TSMC began trial production of 3nm chips and Apple can use it in the next year

The smaller the process area of ​​the chip, the lower the power consumption and the higher the energy efficiency. Currently, among the mass-produced mobile phone chips on the market, the best ones are the newly released MediaTek Dimensity 9000 and Qualcomm’s new-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform using 4nm process technology.

   Recently, Taiwanese media reported that Apple’s chip foundry, TSMC, is expected to begin mass production of 3nm chips in the fourth quarter of 2022. This means that Apple products can use 3nm chips as early as 2023.
   According to Taiwanese media, TSMC has now begun trial production of 3nm chips, and currently plans to enter mass production in the fourth quarter of next year. Earlier media reports stated that Apple’s goal is to use 3nm chips on Mac, iPhone and iPad, and it is expected to start with iPhone and Mac in 2023. However, if TSMC completes its mass production of 3nm chips ahead of schedule, the iPhone 14 series that Apple will release next year may use this 3nm chip.
   At present, the chips produced by TSMC’s 5nm process technology used in all of Apple’s main products can already be said to be the top mass-produced products in the chip industry. After the 3nm chip is officially mass-produced, the performance of Apple’s products will have a more eye-catching performance. CELL PHONE BATTERIES – Shop a wide selection of  cell phone Batteries at Fast Shipping.

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