Apple will reduce production of the iPhone 13 series in response to weakening demand

 For a long time, the iPhone series that Apple launched every year are in short supply on the market, and the new iPhone 13 series this year is no exception. However, there is news that Apple plans to cut production of the iPhone 13 series.

   Recently, Bloomberg reported that Apple told its suppliers that in the case of tight supply, demand for the iPhone 13 series may be lower than the company’s initial expectations. Previously, Apple planned to produce 90 million iPhone 13 series devices, but due to a shortage of parts, Apple cut its production target for the iPhone 13 series by 10 million units. At the same time, since the release in September, the waiting time for consumers’ iPhone 13 series orders has been as high as 2, 3, or even 4 weeks.
   Initially, Apple told its suppliers that once the tight supply situation improves, it will make up 10 million units in early 2022. However, Bloomberg reported that Apple has noticed that demand for the iPhone 13 series has weakened, and the company no longer plans to reach its 90 million production target during this time.
   Why is the demand for the highly sought after iPhone weakened? First of all, many consumers believe that compared with the iPhone 12 series, the upgrade of the iPhone 13 series is not obvious, and there are rumors that next year’s iPhone 14 may have major changes. Secondly, the too long delivery cycle also makes consumers think that it is not worth buying the iPhone 13 series.
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