2021 Q3 global smartphone sales ranking announced: Apple ranked second

On November 26, Gartner statistics showed that the number of smartphones sold to end users worldwide in the third quarter of 2021 fell by 6.8% compared with the same period in 2020. The decline in sales was mainly due to the shortage of product components that disrupted production plans. As a result, mobile phone inventory is reduced and product supply is delayed.

According to the data, Samsung’s smartphone sales leader in the third quarter of 2021 is Samsung, with a market share of 20.2% in the quarter. Although it has declined compared with the same period last year, Samsung’s improved foldable smartphones performed strongly. Maintain an overall leading position in mobile phone sales. Followed by Apple and Xiaomi, Apple returned to the world’s top five smart phone manufacturers second, with a market share of 14.2% in the quarter, the market demand for Apple iPhone continued to remain strong; Xiaomi returned to the third, market share in the quarter Is 13%.

   In addition to Xiaomi, Chinese smartphone manufacturers vivo and OPPO also performed well, with market shares of 10.5% and 9.8% respectively in the quarter, up 2.4% and 1.7% year-on-year, and mobile phone sales ranked fourth and fifth.
In addition, Gartner’s senior research director said: “Despite strong consumer demand, smartphone sales have declined due to product launch delays, extended delivery times, and insufficient channel inventory. Various supply constraints imposes on the production of basic and practical smartphones. The impact of the plan is far greater than that of high-end smartphones.”
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