New Mac Pro exposed, built-in dual M1 Max top price over $50,000

At present, most products in the Mac product line have adopted Apple’s self-developed M1 chip, but the most powerful Mac Pro still uses Intel chips. According to media reports, Apple has planned to use self-developed chips on the new Mac Pro to further improve performance.

   It is reported that the new Mac Pro will use different configurations. The basic chip will consist of two M1 Max chips, while the high-end chip will consist of four M1 Max chips, and its price will exceed $50,000. Considering that the new MacBook Pro has given us great surprises in performance, I believe that the new Mac Pro will also provide us with a brand new experience.

   In addition, previous media reports said that thanks to the extremely high integration of the M1 chip, the new Mac Pro will also adopt a new design, its overall size is smaller, and it has a strong heat dissipation capacity. In addition, the new Mac Pro is still very rich in interface, enough to meet the needs of professional users.
At the 2020 WWDC conference, Apple announced that it will take two years to complete the transition from Intel chips to self-developed chips. There is still more than half a year before the “two-year period”. We announce the specific information of the new Mac Pro.CELL PHONE BATTERIES – Shop a wide selection of  cell phone Batteries at Fast Shipping.

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