Apple encounters difficulties, iPhone 13 sales will be hit hard due to chip shortage

Last month, Apple officially launched the iPhone 13 series, which many fruit fans have been looking forward to for a year. With the blessing of high screen refresh and A15 bionic chip, many netizens have called “Thirteen Fragrance” directly. It can be expected that if there are no accidents, the sales of the iPhone 13 series will be surpassed.

   However, JPMorgan Chase recently announced that due to the global chip shortage, Apple’s iPhone sales in the fourth quarter of this year will be lower than expected. In the United States and other countries, Christmas is a very important day, and many businesses also take advantage of the Christmas holiday to launch various promotional activities. This should have been Apple’s peak sales season. However, due to the global chip shortage, JPMorgan Chase lowered Apple’s iPhone revenue forecast for the first quarter of fiscal year 2022, and now the revenue is expected to be $63 million, a year-on-year decrease of nearly 4%.

At present, Wall Street analysts are generally not optimistic about the iPhone’s sales performance in the fourth quarter. On average, Apple’s iPhone sales in the fourth quarter of this year are expected to be 45 million units, while the first quarter of next year is expected to be 79.4 million units. The difference is over 35 million units. Analysts believe that with strong purchasing power and long-term supply agreements signed with chip suppliers, Apple will be less affected than other companies in the global chip shortage wave. However, due to supply chain bottlenecks in Vietnam and other countries in the second half of this year, as well as the epidemic blockade, iPhone production is being affected.
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