The case is solved! The Samsung S22 Ultra looks like this “nearly 100% correct design”

Samsung’s S series has always attracted much attention, and the emergence of each new generation of its machine will bring hot sales scenes on a global scale. According to convention, Samsung will release a new generation of S series flagship in the next time-the legendary S22 series. In the new series, the highest-positioned S22 Ultra is undoubtedly the focus of attention. However, the design of this new machine has been in various versions of rumors recently, but fortunately, there is finally a “possible” optimal solution.

   Regarding the exterior design of the Samsung S22 Ultra, the biggest issue is the layout of the camera. Earlier, it was rumored that Samsung would add the current camera module of the “chopper” to the S22 Ultra, and the design of “two strips” also appeared in various revelations. According to pictures released by a well-known rendering production website, the camera design of the Samsung S22 Ultra is more likely to adopt a drop-shaped design. As shown in the figure, the S22 Ultra has five rear cameras, with three and two cameras arranged on the left and right sides of the back, similar to the feeling of water droplets.

  According to a digital blogger who frequently reveals information about Samsung’s mobile phones, “This is the real camera design of the S22 Ultra, which is infinitely close to 100% correct design.” From this point of view, the Samsung S22 Ultra (camera module) should look like this. I wonder if you are still satisfied?CELL PHONE BATTERIES – Shop a wide selection of  cell phone Batteries at Fast Shipping

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