Upgrade iOS 15 to send Apple Music? Turns out to be AirPods new user benefits

With the official release of the iPhone 13 series, the official version of iOS 15 has also been officially launched recently, but there have been many users’ feedback that after their iPhone has been upgraded to the iOS 15 system, they have received a notification from Apple to distribute Apple Music members for free. , The duration is 6 months, is this the hidden benefits of Apple in iOS 15?

After verification, Apple did not provide this benefit to all users, but only for AirPods users, and users who also need to have new products such as AirPods 2, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max can claim it. At the same time, the discount is only for new ones. Valid for Apple Music subscribers. According to reports, new Apple Music subscribers can get a 6-month free trial with qualified audio equipment. They can receive it after the first pairing of AirPods and other devices with an iPhone or iPad. The redemption period is valid for 90 days.

  The specific operation steps are as follows:
   1. Make sure your iPhone or iPad has been updated to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.
  2. Pair the audio device that meets the discount qualifications with your iPhone or iPad.
   3. Open the Apple Music App on your iPhone or iPad, and log in to your Apple ID. If the offer does not appear immediately after opening the app, you can go to the “Listen Now” page.
   4. Click to get a 6-month free trial.
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