Some media exposed Apple’s chip roadmap to release a variety of new Mac products in 2022

Thanks to a good user experience, Mac products equipped with Apple Silicon have been recognized by many consumers. Recently, some media exposed Apple Silicon’s roadmap and forecasts of Mac product planning in the next year. According to the media, Apple will launch a brand-new MacBook Pro this year and a high-end version of the Mac mini soon.

   Earlier, Apple stated at the 2020 WWDC conference that it would take two years to switch all its Mac products to Apple Silicon. Now, except for the Mac Pro product line, other product lines have been converted. It is understood that Apple will most likely launch a Mac Pro equipped with a self-developed chip in 2022, but before the product is unveiled, Apple will still launch a Mac Pro with a built-in Intel chip.

   In addition, Apple will also launch a newly designed MacBook Air in 2022. The new MacBook Air has a richer I/O interface, and the charging port will also be changed to MagSafe magnetic charging. This design can ensure that even if the power cord is kicked in daily use, it will not cause the Mac to fall, reducing the risk during use.You can buy cell phone batteries

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