Convincing people with “color” iPhone 13 Pro has sunset gold color? Supply chain has been proven

In the era of smart phones, consumers pay more attention to the appearance of products. The design is good or not, and the color is not beautiful. It is the direct factor that affects everyone to buy a certain mobile phone. When it comes to the ability to convince people with “color”, Apple is considered a “hero” in the mobile phone circle. Earlier, Apple boldly launched new color schemes on previous generations of iPhones, which has won global consumers’ popularity. With the launch of this fall coming soon, what color surprises will the legendary iPhone 13 series have?

   According to media reports, news from the Chinese supply chain confirmed that Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro will be available in four colors. In addition to silver, sunset gold, matte black and pale rose gold can all be regarded as new or adjusted colors. According to reports, sunset gold has a “bronze feel”, while rose gold “looks paler.” This is consistent with a series of previous rumors. In addition to sunset gold and rose gold, it is reported that the existing black models will also become matte.

Of course, in the iPhone 12 series, we can see that Apple has adopted different color strategies for different models. The lower-positioned iPhone 12 is more colorful and youthful, while the higher-positioned iPhone 12 Pro series appears more stable in color. Gives a sense of luxury. Coming to the iPhone 13 series, Apple should continue this strategy. It is expected that the color scheme of the iPhone 13 will also change, but the richness should remain the same.You can buy mobile phone batteries on

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