First look at the MagSafe external battery: good grip with rounded edges, strong magnetic attraction

In July of this year, Apple officially launched the MagSafe external battery. iPhone 12 series users can get extra battery life through this accessory. Recently, some overseas netizens said that they have received the MagSafe external battery. This netizen also published the hands-on map on social media and shared some views on this accessory.

   The netizen said that the MagSafe external battery uses a hard and smooth plastic design with very strong magnetic attraction. Even if the device is equipped with Apple’s own silicone MagSafe protective cover, it can fit the phone well. In addition, this netizen also said that although the MagSafe external battery is very thick, the rounded edges also ensure that this accessory has a good grip.
   Then the netizen also confirmed that the MagSafe external battery can wirelessly charge AirPods. From this point of view, the experience of using this external battery should be similar to that of the MagSafe charger.

According to Apple’s official statement, the MagSafe external battery needs to be used with the iOS 14.7 system. Considering that Apple has launched the official version of iOS 14.7 firmware early this morning, consumers can use this accessory with peace of mind after upgrading their iPhone to the new system. product.You can buy mobile phone batteries on

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