Honor Magic 3 series set to be released on August 12, preheating video exposure camera module

After a short rest period, the war in the mobile phone circle is about to start again in the second half of the year. For many people, the mobile phone circle in the second half of the year will obviously be more exciting than the first half of the year because of the release of new Apple phones. Apple is expected to launch a new generation of iPhone in September this year, and everyone is already looking forward to it.

According to market forecasts, as Apple’s second-generation 5G mobile phone, it will continue to enjoy the dividends brought by 5G mobile phones. At the same time, it will also improve a number of hardware functions, which will promote Apple’s new generation of iPhone to achieve 90 million units this year. Shipments of mobile phones. It is understood that Apple’s annual output of new iPhone models has remained at about 75 million in recent years. However, due to the increasing demand for 5G mobile phones, Apple will require suppliers to increase the output of new models by 20% this year. It seems that Apple I am also full of expectations for the market performance of my new generation of iPhones.
   Industry analysts believe that at least one of the new phones released by Apple this year will use LTPO screen technology. The core function of LTPO technology is to achieve dynamic refresh rate, which can adjust the refresh rate according to different scenarios, so that it can reduce power consumption and extend battery life. At present, this technology has been promoted in flagship phones of OPPO, Samsung and other brands.You can buy mobile phone batteries on oriccabattery.co.uk

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