Detailed explanation of the Apple MagSafe external battery with a capacity of 2920mAh requires a charging head

In the early morning of July 14, Apple launched the new MagSafe external battery on its official website. This product can be used with the iPhone 12 series and can be easily charged anytime, anywhere. After the product was released, Apple gave more detailed information about the MagSafe external battery on the technical support page. If you are planning to purchase this accessory, you may wish to check it out.

  Before using the MagSafe external battery for the first time, users need to use a 20W or higher power charging head with a USB-C to Lightning cable to fully charge it. When the MagSafe external battery is being charged, the user will see an amber status indicator, and when it is fully charged, the user will see a green indicator. Therefore, users who use MagSafe external batteries also need to ensure that they have a higher-power charging head, so that they can quickly fully charge the MagSafe external battery.

   In terms of charging power, the MagSafe external battery can provide 5W of charging power to the iPhone in daily use. If it is connected to a 20W or higher power source, it can achieve 15W of charging power.

   In addition, we can also charge the external battery of iPhone and MagSafe at the same time. Connect the MagSafe external battery to the iPhone, and then insert the MagSafe external battery into a 20W or higher power adapter. The MagSafe external battery can charge the iPhone with 15W of charging power and replenish itself.

   What is more noteworthy is that connecting the MagSafe external battery to the iPhone, and then plugging the iPhone into the power source can also power both. Of course, when charging the external battery of the iPhone and MagSafe at the same time, the iPhone will be charged to 80% or higher first, which can also ensure that we have the healthiest power at all times.

  According to Apple’s official instructions, using the MagSafe external battery requires that the iPhone is running iOS 14.7 or later. Considering that consumers will receive the goods within 3-5 days after purchase, Apple will most likely directly push the iOS 14.7 system in the near future. In addition, the MagSafe external battery has a capacity of 2920mAh (1460mAh*2), which can ensure a longer-lasting use time during travel.You can buy mobile phone batteries on

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