Apple Design Awards winners announced, Yuanshen wins visual and image awards

Recently, Apple held the annual Apple Design Awards ceremony to recognize the achievements of global developers in innovation, vision and image, interaction, entertainment, tolerance and social impact. There are a total of 6 award categories, and 12 outstanding applications and games have won awards.

The Chinese game Yuanshen won the visual and image awards. Apple said that the original battle scenes of God’s heartbeat and the vast landscape have raised the visual effects of mobile games to a new level. Dynamic blur, shadow effects and frame rate can be adjusted at any time, whether the player is killing monsters, summoning earthquakes, throwing lightning, or guiding the wind to make the fire or blizzard more violent. In addition, Loó Na developed by Loó Na also won awards.The dream of a sound reader and game holovista won an inclusive award. Two games, Popo Game Room and Little Orpheus, won beautiful and interesting awards. Carrot Weather and Lonely Bird won the interactive award. Do my eyes and the game Alba won the Social Impact Award. Naad sadhana and hero League mobile games won innovation awards.Apple said that in addition to the physical trophies of the Apple Design Award, they also presented award packages containing hardware devices to the winners to encourage developers to continue to create excellent applications and games.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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