Samsung’s new patent for dual-folding smartphones

Currently, many smart phone manufacturers are looking for new outlets in terms of design and ergonomics. Folding phones may be a solution, which is why Samsung recently applied for a patent to protect its research on phones equipped with a dual-folding system. The premise of the future model? This is all the details.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

If we believe a patent published by the World Intellectual Property Organization that was just disclosed by the 91mobiles website and submitted by Samsung in November last year, then the Korean giant is studying the concept of a smartphone with the peculiarities of “two folding systems”. The picture in the official document shows the overall design of the phone, the folding mechanism and all the details. The main hinge seems to be the same as the one currently used on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.
Fold forward to the right, fold to the leftThe front of the device shows a full display surface, but still presents what looks like a punch hole that we know on almost all smartphones today to make room for the photo sensor on the front. The edges of the screen look very thin, trying to provide the most complete sense of immersion. On the back of the phone, we can see a vertical module equipped with a light sensor, there are three here. The second hinge in the middle of the device seems to hide other photo lenses that can be used as a selfie camera when the phone is fully folded. According to the chart in the patent, the screen on the right is folded back to the middle surface. Instead, the left screen is folded behind the middle panel.

Still according to the patent image submitted by Samsung, we can see that there is a USB-C port and a speaker grid on the left side of the device (the phone can provide stereo through another speaker). We can also see several locations that the phone can take to provide different usage configurations. Unfortunately, the document does not give any indication of the exact size of the device. It is difficult to say whether this South Korean giant will eventually lead to the design of the marketing model, but it is interesting that the manufacturer is seeking to provide solutions stores that are as relevant as possible to future smartphones. The integration of document visual effects is provided here.
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