Realme GT 2 Pro review

Realme’s GT 2 Pro boasts an aggressive price/performance proposition, an environmentally conscious design and better software support than ever

Realme was among the first companies to reassure fans that it would be slipping the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor into its next flagship; after the silicon was unveiled at the end of 2021.

Sure enough, the Realme GT 2 Pro was announced in China promptly afterwards sporting the chip, going on sale in the region at the turn of the new year.

Fans in the rest of the world, however, were left waiting until the company made its Mobile World Congress debut in late February, where the GT 2 Pro’s international availability was confirmed for 8 March.

Now that the phone is here, it’s a matter of understanding whether the Pro strikes the characteristic price/performance balancing act that the company’s short lineage of existing flagship phones is known for or whether it offers a more competitive package against the wider flagship market.

Design & build
Unique biopolymer finish on Master Edition
Glass-backed models weigh 10g more
Still no IP rating or wireless charging
Paper isn’t the first material you might think of when it comes to smartphone materials but that’s exactly what Realme’s design team used as the jumping-off point for the finish on the GT 2 Pro (as well as the standard GT 2).

While the phone can be had in a relatively pedestrian Steel Black in Europe (as well as Titanium Blue in China) with a conventional glass back, Realme has also given the GT 2 Pro the Master Edition treatment by once again partnering with Japanese designer Naoto Fukusawa to create a unique set of finishes that pull away from traditional smartphone tropes.

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