Realme C31 review

The new Realme C31 offers good long-lasting battery, a stylish design, and it comes with a super-low price tag, but the cameras aren’t great, the display is basic and Wi-Fi is slow

Chinese phone maker Realme has recently announced two new budget Android phones, the Realme C35 and Realme C31, and it’s the Realme C31 that’s the cheaper of the two.

Going for a mere £129, the Realme C31 sounds like a steal – that’s roughly one third of the price of an entry-level iPhone SE. This price tag will likely be music to the ears of those who ‘just want a phone to do the basics’, or anyone who wants a burner phone for festivals and holidays.

It’s certainly a very attractive price, but what do you get exactly? A big 4890mAh battery which Realme says will give you 45 days’ worth of standby power and a multi-lens camera unit which promises detailed wides and close-ups.

Design-wise, the Realme C31 is slim and compact, so despite it coming with a long-lasting battery, it should slip comfortably into pockets and bags.

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