iPhone SE 2022 review

The iPhone SE may be Apple’s cheapest iPhone, and one of its most powerful, but with a dated design and dreadful display it’s not good value

Our Verdict
The iPhone SE only makes sense for buyers who simply have to have an iPhone, but can’t afford the step up to the 12 Mini – or won’t give up on Touch ID just yet. If that’s you, then the iPhone SE will serve you well so long as you can stomach the dinky display and retro aesthetic – but equivalent Androids are far, far better.

Price when reviewed
From $429

Apple iPhone SE (2022) full review

The iPhone SE is a funny old phone. With a design and display that you could generously call “aged”, but the latest Apple processor and 5G connectivity, this is a very old-fashioned phone in some respects but a supremely modern device in others.

The same inconsistencies were there to be found in the (almost identical) 2020 iPhone SE, but while Apple’s budget offering has remained static, the rest of the market has moved on.

So while the previous SE was a phone I could recommend – with some serious caveats – this 2022 edition is a tougher sell.

To be blunt, it serves one audience and one audience only: those who absolutely will not under any circumstances buy an Android device, but can’t afford the iPhone 12 Mini or any of the other more expensive Apple phones.

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