Neue MacBook Air-Renderings freigelegt, Keildesign mit Pony abbrechen

After the release of the new MacBook Pro, some media announced new news about the 2022 MacBook Air. It is understood that the design of the new MacBook Air will be greatly changed. At the same time, the overall body will be lighter and thinner, and the screen will remain 13 inches.

   It is worth noting that “Liu Haiping” seems to become the design language of the MacBook family, because the new MacBook Air will also use a Liu Haiping and does not support Face ID.
   In terms of hardware, the new MacBook Air is expected to be equipped with a new Apple self-developed M2 chip. It is understood that the new M2 chip will be equipped with an 8-core CPU, but the main frequency is higher than that of the M1 chip. At the same time, the number of GPU cores will also increase to 10, and the graphics performance will be further improved. In addition, the MagSafe charging interface is also expected to return.

   There have been reports that the design of the new MacBook Air will tend to iMac, so the MacBook Air will also have a colorful shell. If you are looking for light and portable, you may wish to look forward to the new MacBook Air.
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