Apple refuses to accept the new Korean regulations! South Korea: Then launch an investigation

On August 31, South Korea passed an amendment to the “Telecom Business Act”, which aimed directly at Apple and Google.
   News on October 15th, according to media reports, Apple was dissatisfied with South Korea’s new requirement to stop compulsory application developers to use the Apple payment system. South Korean officials warned that if Apple insists on doing so, South Korea may investigate Apple’s compliance.

An important content of the amendments to the “Telecom Business Act” in South Korea is to prohibit the App Store and Google Play from forcing software developers to use their payment systems. In the future, Apple and Google’s app stores in South Korea will charge another 30% commission. Difficult.
   After the bill was announced, Apple’s reaction was fierce, believing that the bill would affect Korean users and more than 482,000 registered developers. Google said it would consider complying with this regulation.
  According to a South Korean official, Apple told South Korea that it has complied with the law and does not need to modify its app store policy. The official said, “This runs counter to the purpose of the revised bill.” It is reported that South Korean regulators will require Apple to modify the relevant policies of the App Store. And if Apple is unwilling to modify the policy, then South Korea will consider taking measures such as fact-finding, and there may be fines in the follow-up.
   In response, Google responded that it would allow third-party payment systems to go online.CELL PHONE BATTERIES – Shop a wide selection of  cell phone Batteries at Fast Shipping.

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