Apple’s new environmental goal: the future iPhone will use 100% recyclable materials

Over the years, everyone has been discussing the importance of environmental protection to our lives. Many countries and regions have put forward the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. New energy vehicles are also gradually trending and trending. In addition to the transformation and upgrading of companies in the automotive industry, which obviously have a significant impact on the environment, many technology companies are also announcing and practicing their environmental protection concepts.

Recently, Cook said that Apple is already a carbon neutral company. What it needs to do now is to further expand people’s understanding of carbon neutrality and hope to achieve carbon neutrality across the entire chain from the supply chain to the user side by 2030.和化. To this end, Apple has set a goal for itself: no longer consume anything on the earth in the new iPhone produced in the future. Although this goal has not yet been achieved, considerable results have been achieved. Now 40% of the aluminum on Mac computers is recycled, and 98% of the rare earths in the iPhone 12 are also recycled.
   At the iPhone 12 series conference last year, Apple demonstrated its environmental protection concept to everyone. At that time, Apple announced that in order to protect the environment, the iPhone 12 series cancelled the charging head that has always been included. As one of the world’s leading companies in the mobile phone industry, Apple’s move also caused the industry to follow suit. Many mobile phone manufacturers have announced the cancellation of the complimentary charging heads. Some manufacturers also said that users can freely choose whether to need a charging head.
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