Google’s Pixel 6 could benefit from ultra-high-speed wireless charging support

The US giant Google should soon announce its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. With them, the company should also provide wireless charging support, allowing mobile phones placed on them to be charged very quickly.

Google pixel Stand

At present and since 2018, Google has launched a wireless charging stand, which can be charged by simply placing the device on it. Google Stand is likely to have a big brother, because the company seems to be developing a device that allows faster charging speeds. In addition, like the stand, it can also provide a comfortable viewing angle for your device, allowing you to put your phone on it while paying attention to the second screen next to the computer’s main display.
Inside the Android 12 source codeLooking at the source code of Android 12, a contributor to the website noticed that Google has begun to study the new Google wireless charging support, and considering the time, it can be reasonably considered that it can be ready as accessories for Pixel 6 and The launch of Pixel 6 Pro. The stand seems to have a fan, which can dissipate the heat generated by the internal components of the device itself, and it can also dissipate the heat of the phone when it is charging.The current Google Stand provides 10 watts of wireless charging power and does not have this type of cooling system. This indicates that the new Google Stand may charge faster. In contrast, OnePlus provides a very fast wireless charger with a power of 50 watts and also includes a fan.
Fans who adapt to the situationThe code found indicates that the Google team is planning different configuration files for different speeds of the fan blades installed on the new bracket. For example, by saying “Ok Google”, these may automatically reduce their speed in order to better capture your voice to listen to the following commands. It is also envisaged that the charging speed can be manually adjusted by selecting, for example, automatic, silent or fast charging mode. Finally, please note that the American giant left another clue in its code. Indeed, we can see the code name “Luxuryliner”. Knowing that the Stand in 2018 is “Dreamliner”, he can be sure that it will be an accessory in the Stand series. Pixel 5 or Pixel 4.
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