Apple Music lossless audio service or debut with iOS 14.6

CNMO previously reported that Apple is likely to officially launch the HiFi version of Apple Music service on May 18, local time in the United States. The new service will provide Apple Music users with lossless streaming music and meet HiFi users’ pursuit of high sound quality.

Today, there are media reports that I have seen HiFi music tips in the Apple Music beta app of the Android system. Apple has told users that lossless music will consume more data and bandwidth: 10GB of space is expected to store approximately 3000 songs. Quality songs or 1000 lossless songs or 200 high-resolution lossless songs. In addition, Apple Music will provide lossless music in two formats, 24-bit/48KHz and 24-bit/192KHz. The version of the music played will be adjusted according to the audio source, network conditions, and headset conditions.

   According to media reports, Apple Music’s lossless music service will arrive with iOS 14.6. Considering that many users are currently using 5G network high-traffic packages, more data traffic in exchange for better sound quality performance can also attract some users who have higher requirements for sound quality.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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