Apple implements a new privacy policy and Google has followed up! Or officially launched in 2022

Apple’s privacy policy has repeatedly encountered resistance because it touches the interests of advertisers. But now users are paying more and more attention to their privacy. Therefore, it is a future trend for developers to transparently collect user information. Apple sees this, and Google is the same.

   According to reports, Google recently announced that it will launch a new feature called “Safety section” on the Play Store, similar to the privacy label on iOS. This feature allows Android users to see what data the developer has collected and shared, and can also inform more security and privacy information. Google said that the feature will be tested this summer and is expected to be officially launched in 2022.
Specifically, this function of Google Play will tell users a lot of information, such as whether the App encrypts data, whether it complies with Google Family and Children Policy, etc., and whether the user has the right to choose information sharing, and whether the user has the right to uninstall the App Request to delete data, etc. Furthermore, Google will ask developers to inform whether they have collected personal information (such as name and email address), whether they have collected information from mobile phones, and whether they have collected users’ precise addresses, media files, and address book information.
   However, Google’s privacy policy will not be as strict as Apple, after all, it still needs to rely on advertising revenue.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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