Samsung launched a patent for a two-way folding screen mobile phone. Will it be the Galaxy Z Flip 3?

According to a report by LetsGoDigital, Samsung recently disclosed a patent for a two-way folding screen mobile phone. Samsung applied for the patent at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIP) in October last year, and it was officially disclosed in the near future. It can be seen from the patent picture that it should be suitable for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series. Unlike the previous flip-screen phones, the new patent can achieve two-way folding, which can be folded on both sides, one of which is a touch screen. The other side seems to be the button design.

   It should be noted that when the folding screen mobile phone is folded inward, it is like the previous clamshell type vertical folding screen mobile phone. If you close it inward, you can protect the screen to a certain extent. However, if you fold it outward, the original internal screen will be exposed and cannot be protected. In addition, there are two “front” cameras on both sides of the phone, which seems more suitable for selfies.

LetsGoDigital reported that Samsung is expected to release the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 in July this year. Combined with the time point, this phone is expected to obtain a new patent and bring a new design. But in fact, this possibility is relatively small, because it usually takes a certain amount of time from the publication of the patent to the actual application, and the patent seems to have some problems to be solved. It is more likely to be just an exploration. It will be practical.
 Regarding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, LetsGoDigital produced a rendering. As you can see from the picture, this foldable phone is relatively thin after unfolding, with rounded corners and a very texture. The inner screen adopts a double-punch design and has two front cameras. At the same time, the machine uses the in-screen fingerprint recognition scheme, which can be easily unlocked.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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