The latest iPhone concept design is released. The back of the phone hits the face of the Xiaomi 11 Ultra?

Generally speaking, Apple will only hold one mobile phone conference a year in the fall, so everyone is particularly looking forward to the new iPhone. There are still almost half a year before this year’s Apple conference, and some designers who can’t wait have begun to describe the new iPhone in their minds. A few days ago, a designer drew a set of conceptual drawings of the new iPhone, but he did not expect the back design to hit the face of the “Android Light” Xiaomi 11 Ultra.

   The front of the new iPhone is similar to the current iPhone 12 series. The straight and metallic frame is very eye-catching, but the bangs are cut off and the screen frame is narrower. These are normal operations in the concept design. Coming to the back of the phone, we can see that the designer has integrated the iPhone’s camera module with a small screen. The entire area is slightly protruding from the fuselage. There are four cameras on the left side, and the LiDAR sensor and flash should be in the middle. , The rounded rectangular screen on the right can display the date and time, as well as the battery level, etc., which is similar to the function of the front screen display.

   Some netizens believe that Apple has not yet introduced an information display function for the iPhone. If the secondary screen on the back has this function, it is still acceptable. Some people think that this design is too similar to the Mi 11 Ultra. Although it is full of personality, it is not suitable to collide with the “Android Light”. I don’t know what everyone thinks of this group of conceptual designs?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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