Apple is testing the new iPhone to support under-screen fingerprints and may cancel the charging port

Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Guo predicted last year that Apple will release a new iPhone with both Face ID and Touch ID under the screen. According to the latest news revealed by leaker Mark Gurman, Apple is testing the under-screen Touch ID of the new iPhone in 2021. Blogger L0vetodream also said that the under-screen Touch ID will be available soon.

  Mark Gurman said that, in addition to the in-display fingerprint sensor, Apple “has no plans to make major changes to the iPhone” this year. Bloomberg provided some early details about the 2021 iPhone. It is said that its changes are relatively small. The under-screen Touch ID is one of the few upgrades. When the Face ID fails, users can easily unlock the phone. In addition, in the “mask era” under the epidemic, the return of the iPhone flagship’s reintroduction of Touch ID may be great.    According to Bloomberg News, Apple is considering canceling the charging port to support its MagSafe wireless charging system. The company also plans to launch a new iPad Pro with a MiniLED display and a faster processor, and a new entry-level iPad with an ultra-thin form factor, such as the 2019 iPad Air. By the way, a foldable iPhone may also be under development.
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