More mini iPhone renderings are out! Rear single lens design is smaller

Needless to say, the popularity of iPhone is naturally. Since Apple launched the iPhone 12 series in the second half of last year, the position of news headlines has been dominated by these phones for a long time. Among them, the appearance of the iPhone 12 mini has undoubtedly cheered many small screen lovers. Recently, a rendering of a mini iPhone with new design elements has been released. Let us take a look at what is special about it.

   The mini iPhone in the rendering picture also adopts a multi-color design. The processing of the frame is the same as that of the latest iPhone 12 series. It faces the frame. If you cover the upper part of the back of this phone, you will definitely think this is an iPhone 12 mini phone, because the two phones are so similar. However, since it is a new phone and its positioning is different, there must be some differences. The rear camera module of this mini iPhone is a brand new design, with only one lens, a flash and a radio microphone next to it.

   Next, let’s talk about reality, which is obviously just the imagination of netizens. In fact, the volume of Apple’s iPhone 12 mini is already very small, and it is not expected to launch a smaller size. In addition, the number of cameras in the newly released mobile phone products of the Apple brand is increasing, and it is unlikely that the number of cameras in new mobile phones will be reduced.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mobile phone battery

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