HP Pavilion 14 (2021) review

The affordable HP Pavilion 14 makes a powerful home-office companion – even with just a Core i3 processor. Here’s our full review.

HP’s Pavilion range has long been a popular option for consumers, offering a combination of performance and style at affordable prices, but how does the latest 14in HP Pavilion fare amidst a sea of competition? We find out in our full review.

Design & Build
The HP Pavilion 14 is a good-looking laptop. The aluminium chassis in frosted silver gives it elegance, despite the mid-range price. It’s polished for office use, without the awful chunkiness you get on some business laptops, such as the (otherwise excellent) Acer Aspire 3.

If you’re interested in a machine that will double up for personal and professional use, the Pavilion 14 definitely looks the part.

But more crucially: it’s portable. While there are lighter laptops out there, the Pavilion 14 isvery light at 1.46kg. Plus, it’s wonderfully compact. You can carry it with one hand if you need to rush off to the kitchen or a conference room for a call. Equally, it will comfortably balance on your lap if you’re commuting on a train.

A space-efficient keyboard does away with the numeric pad – which you’ll find on the larger Pavilion 15 laptops – reducing the overall footprint on your desk (or lap), while a slim profile keeps the laptop at less than an inch when closed.

Slipping it into a bag should pose no issues. See some of the best laptop bags and rucksacks here.

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